Saturday, March 24, 2012

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle — Seth Leitman & Bob Brant

I just finished reading this book this morning at 5AM and I'm not sure it was such a good idea because now I'm literally gnawing through my arm in anticipation. The straightforward message of the book is just how easy an electric conversion really is. Seth and Bob also drive home the message about what a good idea electric conversions are for your pocket book, the ecosystem or environment, the security of the United States as a nation, and the longevity of humanity and the planet. I would have to agree with the authors on all accounts.

Unfortunately, if you're anywhere near as obsessive as I am about building your own electric car, after reading this book you will be ready to take out a third and a fourth mortgage on your home and sell several of your kids into slavery in order to accomplish the task at hand. Simply put, it's like crack for a crack addict :| I dare you to read it.

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