Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Unveiling

Readers have been clamoring for images of the vehicle we plan to convert, so here it is ... the unveiling.
The car is an '85 Mazda Rx7. David, reVOLT cofounder, has built 8 or 9 of these cars and had several ready and available for refurbishing. So, we thought, why not convert one to electric. I think most people I tell about this project assume we will be building an electric golf cart. Perhaps when they see these pics they will think differently.
Whoever had this car before went a little overboard with cutting out the front bumper to make room for an oversized intercooler. They also stripped out much of the interior for weight reduction and added an internal roll bar. It seems they intended for it to be a track car, or at least a street racer. The weight reductions will have a welcome impact on the range of the EV once all is said and done.
As mean as the intercooler looks, it's all coming off. We have, however, discussed putting a heat exchanger with cooling jackets to keep the batteries cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stable battery temperatures could greatly enhance the lifetime of the lithium ion battery pack.
This flat black mustang is one possibility for the Rx7 paint job. Flat black is certainly a great look. The accent lighting is not bad either as it gives the impression of an electrified vehicle. What do you think? Take the poll in the sidebar and let us know.

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